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Monday, March 25, 2013


You've missed me, I know.. But i have a really good reason why I couldn't post last Monday. I was too busy seeing the new remake of Evil Dead. 

It's hard for me to accurately express how excited I was to see this movie. All of my life the original is one of my favorite movies. I kept hearing how remakes would get shot down and I was kind of happy about that being that a remake would just upset me. Still, a small part of me wondered.. A small part of me wanted. 

You see, I can't just ask you to go and watch the original. No one this day and age would really truly appreciate it unless they were brought up with it.

Its like how Kevin Smith says when he explains showing his daughter the Star Wars trilogy for the first time at the age of 7. 

"Isn't this great?! Isn't this the greatest movie you've ever seen?!" He asked her enthusiastically.
"Sure dad" she said humoring him.

I keep hearing Austin Texas is where its at with the horror movie cliques. Miami Florida? Not so much. Not at all really. 

I wanted to share that glorious moment with someone who knew everything about the movies just like I did, if not more.

Anyways my close friend Jason sent me an e-mail about a really early screening of the movie so I signed up and got tickets and that's why I didn't write last Monday. 

- Time will always show you the truth. 

- It's a really shitty thing to do to just expect shit from other people. Especially people you call your friends.  Don't expect anything from anyone. If you want to get somewhere or get something then you have to do it yourself. 

- If a certain subject is abnormally off putting for you then you should let the other party know. Movies are not usually a sensitive subject for people, if it is for you.. you might want to let people know that as that is a very common conversation starter. 

- Maybe I am an asshole.. but you're also a bitch.

- You don't bite the hand that feeds you. I don't understand how some people can snap in a second when all you are trying to do is help. Thats some real rude shit right there. 

- If you have shitty mood swings then you need to get a hold of yourself. You aren't a fucking toddler that can throw a temper tantrum when ever the fuck something doesn't go their way. You're a fucking adult... act like it. 

- I don't understand the "slapping of the dick onto a girls vagina prior to intercourse" What is that? I feel like this is the type of shit porn teaches dudes to do. They do it because the girl in the porn seems to enjoy it which means a "real" girl will too. Heads up dudes, we aren't porn stars. We have a nice intact vag. We enjoy feeling nice feelings, not slapping around. Plus, doesn't that hurt? who the fuck do you think you are? a magician? do you think your cock is a magical wand? You're spell is off.

I'm not saying it feels terrible, I'm just saying it doesn't feel great. 

- I think girls who buy books on "how to get him to purpose" need to reevaluate themselves.  If he doesn't want to be with you, then a book wont change his mind. It might make him stay longer, but eventually that nigga is going to leave. 

- You can open the door for me.
You can pay for dinner.
You can be the first one to kiss me.
You can man handle me, push my buttons and see how far I'll let this go...

You want to know why? because I said "Yes" to our date. I am verbally giving you the "go" for all things good. UNLESS you turn out to but a total fucking weirdo on our date. 

You will know a date has gone sour when the girl hints she has to leave and doesn't kiss on the first date.

Everyone kisses on the first date.

Honestly though what the fuck happened to chivalry? Where did it go? Is that really a fairy tale shit? Dudes are getting lazier with their tact. I've seen more spine in jelly fish. 

- Because every girl in her life will read a book on how the male species works, that means a girl will always be testing you. You should watch your step. 

- Girls want a dude that will take the initiative. If a girl is taking the time to talk to you, she probably likes you (PROBABLY.... DON'T GET THAT CONFUSED WITH "DEFINITELY") the likeliness of a guy who will take control of any situation is slim to none, If you are the one dude that will then that puts you above all the rest. 

- You don't ask a girl to take you out to dinner. That shit is redonk. 

- If someone ever says "Same-sies" punch them in the throat.

- I don't understand how difficult it is for someone to do a simple task daily. If I ask you to keep the toilet lid down, how fucking hard is that? it literally takes 1 second.


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