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Monday, May 20, 2013

I'm back with a sense of vengence

- Time will reveal a lot of things so stop being so fucking impatient all the time. 

- If a girl cheats on you twice... shame on you... and only you. Seriously dude... get a back bone... no vagina is worth that. 

- I am all for individuality but there has to be a cut off. I'll still think you're cool with out the green Mohawk. At what point do people think "this is going to make me seem interesting" first of all green is a horrible color. Green reminds me of throw up. Channel your individuality to something better. 

While we are on the subject of choosing a more suitable "cover" can we please pick things that are actually built for our bodies? Your tits are too fucking big for that shirt. 

- Sometimes it doesn't matter how old you are... you can still act like a little fucking brat. 

- Take a stop back and seriously ask yourself if this is the healthiest thing for you to be doing emotionally and physically. If you can't answer that in under 5 seconds then something ain't right. 

- I just paid 10 dollars to try and listen to a movie.  

- Aside from religion, you should just be a nice person over all. People never fuck with nice people.. and if they do they always get whats coming to them and that's a fact. 

- Maybe all your friends really hate you, and they are just playing nice because they don't like confrontation. That's how I am... look how far its got me... 

- One mans job is also another mans job if you're not doing it correctly. 

- If its my job to cook, and clean then its your job to make all the money and fix every thing. Just sayin.

- It is virtually impossible to not know how to cook. Theres step by step directions.. if you can't follow those then you don't know how to function. 

- I'm sorta convinced that most alcoholic beverages turn people in to assholes. Maybe not fully depending on the persons personality, but it could be slight or just full on dickish. 

- I want to see a horror movie where everything goes right. I basically want to see a horror movie where its still really fucking good but everyone does everything right and no body gets hurt. 

- I also seriously don't understand how the weakest one in some movies are the ones who survive. Its always the weak ones which is totally ass backwards. 

- Men do not have a filter at all for anything. 

- You cannot predict the future, you can only prepare. 

- Its totally frustrating meeting someone who is so fucking close minded that they ignore actual real facts.

- There are many religions. People believe in many things. Just because theirs is different than yours, doesn't make yours right. 

- p.s understand the facts to your own religion.

- Who the hell said we had to follow 1 religion anyways? when did that become a rule? Maybe I want to have my cake and eat it too. 

- There is no reason to be attached to something that makes you look at a complete stranger negatively.

- Just because someone is in a very adorable profession doesn't make them less likely to be a total fucking pervert.

- anyone who says small businesses are cheaper than bigger corporations are full of fucking shit. 

- No matter how uncomfortable you feel about a situation you better push through it if its going to benefit you in the end. 

- You know what type of people I hate? People that don't reply to your texts but the second they needs something they become a fucking text Nazi. You don't get that fucking privileged.   


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