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Friday, July 26, 2013

I couldn't find a better way...

'If you want something done... DO IT YOURSELF'

I realize how much of a disaster this was, not writing for weeks. Black people got killed.... a train derailed. Lets not let this happen okay guys?

- The most adult way of approaching an argument is simply to set the setting to a calm and quiet one. You don't argue in front of company. Rude people do that and I know you're not rude.

- When you live with someone.. things are split down the middle. That means what ever you're thinking about doing must be brought to the table and decided by your peers.

- You pay for the damages you've made. You made them. You damaged them. You pay for them.

- There is such a thing as the G-spot. I thought it was bullshit... but its not guys.

- You don't bite the hand that feeds you. Otherwise you'll starve.

- What doesnt work for you, doesnt mean it doesnt work for everyone else.

- Keep it down with the gym statuses. I get it. You're strong.

- As long as things are fair, then things are going to be okay.

- I have a friend who is dating this girl who he doesn't even like anymore. I assume its the sex thats keeping him around because it sure as fuck isn't convenient. I just think its crazy that sex can keep someone around even if you're lugging through a pile of 100 year old dog shit.

- Girls will not shave their vaginas for weeks to prevent themselves from fucking a guy too soon. This apparently works better than birth control.

-When you are friends with someone. You are supposed to be there for them with out them having to ask. You know whats up.... then do your job. 

- Dude you are good looking why do you always look like someone ran over your dog? smile, I promise you wont die. 

- I think its pretty fucking sad we are all surprised when we go on a really decent date. Why is it taking some of us this fucking long to go on real dates? 

- You tell someone they're stupid long enough, they might believe it. So stop being an asshole.

- You know what I hate? People that dont reply to your texts but the second that you don't reply to theirs, its like the flood gates of hell have opened. 

- Convince yourself that sex is sex. Just an action, like riding a bike. Theres no intimate connection in riding a bike.

- Keep the people that support you. Fight for them, show them you NEED them because sometimes theses people become more important than family members.

- Few people can read what you are thinking by staring at you. 

- Tattoos are a serious reflection of you.. and you as a person. If you have a bunch of bull shit tattoos like stars and diamonds.. I'm going to think you're stupid. A friend of mine pointed this out to me and used me as an example. She said "Take yours for example, your owl is usually a symbol of being "wise and watchful" your narwhal also symbolizes "purity and magic" I thought about this and how true it really is. I never really thought about it like that. I just have a really creepy thing for whales and owls. 

I started to think of all my friends and analyze their tattoos and really start to understand that subconsciously we get things that reflect us. I know what you're thinking "Fucking duh emily thats why I have that quote from sound garden..." 

I mean that the fact that you got a sound garden tattoo means sooooo much. Not just how the lyric reflects you, it's also the fact you chose sound garden. It says a lot. 

Care to let all your cares out here? Leave me a comment.. I care.

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