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Monday, September 16, 2013

When you came in, the air went out....

- I'm kinda really tired of dieting. Its just like dating. It even sounds similar. I feel like I'm in a love-hate relationship with food. I talk to my food. I tell it how good it is, but then I get really angry at it because it makes me feel so disgusting. Whens it going to end?

- I'm sorry but you're the one that has to come up to me and ask me things. I know that makes me sound lazy but I'm a lady! If you want me... then you gotta tell me man! I'm not a fucking mind reader! Also, if you want me... and don't say anything its going to make me think you must not want me enough. Go ahead... call me a typical girl.. I'm just the voice of reason.

- When your friends tell you what you're doing is completely insane but then weeks later do almost the same thing with different "circumstances" give them the middle finger. Please... don't give me advice on shit you have no idea what you are talking about. You don't! you're not a fucking relationship advice giver person.... or a therapist. You are a hypocrite.

- If you're a girl, and you have best friends that are girls, then it is a given when someone gets broken up with... you go to their house, get them drunk and watch movies and talk all night. You don't ignore the situation. This is a rule in the "girls with girls" hand book. You shouldnt need to be told "Hey can you come over? I'm feeling just a little vulnerable right now... Can you tell? I'm leaking from my eye sockets"

- I get it, you have a new girl friend, you hate your old one, I don't even know you and I can gather that from your fucking facebook statuses.

- Lesbians are crazy woman on a 24/7 hormonal trip. Stay they fuck away from me. I have a hard enough time dealing with myself. (I love lesbians though so...)

- If you are a girl, stop being so fucking snoopy! You make it impossible for people to surprise you!

- Cops has become my new favorite show which means I am getting more caucasian.

- If you haven't talked to me in 6 months and then re-appear and all of a sudden want to hang out, I'm going to think I'm a rebound. I would be okay with this if you would just stop trying to make it seem like I'm not. I'm not a fucking idiot.

- When people post pictures of themselves all day long.

- I watched "Beautiful creatures" the other day (I was very very bored) and to my surprise, it was better than twilight. Which isnt saying very much at all.

- You get one opportunity and you missed it.

- I don't have to do shit. I don't have to. Just because you're on a time schedule or you expect me to wait doesn't mean I have to. It doesn't mean anything to be honest.

- If you want me... then you should claim me. If you don't claim me, and still say you do want me.. I'm going to think you're full of shit. Because when you want something... you take it. You don't just stand there.

- I very rarely make the same mistake twice. Anything more than twice is fucking embarrassing.

- You cant tell me you don't know how to cook. Virtually, everything comes with directions

- a girl tells me "I don't want a dildo.. its not the real thing" really means "I'm lazy and and I really like sex as long as I'm on the bottom because I'm dependent on the D" (get it? D-pendent)

- Fuck you guy who doesn't ever call me back but always says hes going to call me back. You fucking suck. Why can't you just be honest with yourself? You arent going to call me back, Why can't you just say "Hey can I call you back when I feel like it?" I'll be less likely to think you're going to call me back in under 24 hours if you say something like that.

- I'm really tired, btw, about people not keeping their word for shit. I even do it sometimes but, seriously I feel like more and more people make less and less of an effort to give a shit about anything. I'm afraid that we are just going to get comfortable with people who don't give a shit about anything, and deal with it... fuck that noise.

- What the hell happened to people actually fighting for shit? I don't mean like physically fighting but emotionally fighting for what you want or believe in? People are so comfortable with doing nothing rather than doing something for what they want. You want me? fight for me! if you don't then you must not want it that much.

People are worth more than phone calls or texts. We are worth more than flowers or gifts. We live for you sometimes. We live for our friendships and relationships. We live for our families and jobs. I think thats worth more than giving up because somethings just a little harder than you're used to dealing with.

- For someone who doesn't want to "date" you sure do fuck a lot...

- Realize you are worth something. You are worth the things you want. You are worth happiness. You are worth everything. Don't allow someone to tag along that doesn't realize that about you.

- Heres a hint, could you fucking take it? Its like... do I have to hold up a sign with flashing lights that says "FUCK OFF" because I don't know how much more obvious I can be!

- Some people don't get to go to college because their parents can't afford it. Some people don't get new cars or new phones for their birthday. 

- I want someone who fucking gives a shit. I mean really. Could you please act like I'm not some fucking toy you can play with for a short period of time? I mean something. I have legit feelings that get hurt. The worst part is, I was nice to you! I literally did nothing to deserve this so why the fuck are you acting like that? 

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