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Friday, March 7, 2014

say what you want me to believe...


Hello is this thing on?

- The majority of my time is spent holding my breath as if something really terrible is about to happen, which when you think about it, sounds absolutely terrible in itself.

- Burn the bridges that are meant to be burned. Turn around and walk away. There is nothing cool about someone that wants to rebuild something they just blew up.

- You should tell more people how you feel about them on a daily basis. Everyone enjoys knowing they matter to someone.

-Ain't it funny how suddenly something can change?

 - I think the best thing about being in your mid 20's is you no longer feel the need to put more effort into something that does nothing for you.

- Also sex is way more enjoyable because you can enjoy it for what it is and not worry so much about what it should be. Every girl trys to make sex like the best performance anyone's ever seen. Every single time. When you're in your mid 20s - late 20s... You already know whats up.

- Don't take that lead server job at dennys bro. You're better than that. You have kids and like 2 baby mamas... you can do better than this....

- Break the habbit.

- Facebook isnt your "dear diary" people. No one wants to hear about how much your shit sucks and how you will never amount to anything because you don't have a car.... blah blah blah...

- Has anyone ever listened to drug commercials. Has anyone ever said "That sounds fun" ?


- There is nothing more powerful than hearing the one you care most about tell you how beautiful you are. It is like the greatest high a girl ever feels. 

- Abortion is a tough subject.

- Justin Beiber though... looks like hes crying in every single photo.

- You need to learn how to apologize just for the sake of apologizing. I mean obviously you should mean it but, swallow your pride and apologize for things. Everything if you need to. Too many people are too prideful or selfish to even care. If someone is upset by something you did even if you're in the right, you should still apologize for their feelings being hurt.

- Admit when you're wrong, and trust me YOU'RE WRONG. In some way shape or form because no one is ever right all the time. There is nothing wrong with making a mistake or realizing you are the wrong one in this situation. Shit happens and thats how we learn.

- Guys. please play with my tits. Or caress me. Touch me. Tease me. It's nice. Real nice.

- I am convinced fucked up things happen to you because you fucked up in the past for something. If you are known for being the person that fucked up shit happens too... You're most likely a real shitty person... so gtfo.

- Just because something is foreign to you, or different doesnt make it bad or wrong.  Like I was seriously conflicted with the new shows about polygamy on TLC because... honestly I don't want guys to start thinking thats cool and shit. And also I think those relationships are all double standards. The woman are never allowed to have other boyfriends.. and I think thats unfair. or.... weird I DONT KNOW ITS JUST DIFFERENT and it scared me kind of. But... I realized its almost like saying

"I was seriously conflicted about gays. honestly I dont want guys to start thinking its cool and shit, and I also think those relationships have double standards...."

which would be so fucking ignorant of me

I decided to speak out about it.. other people gave me their opinions and I accepted it. I mean.. its not for me but if it makes someone else happy... thats cool.

You should be able to adapt to your surroundings but only to the extent it makes you feel comfortable. No one is forcing you to do anything you personally dont want to do... they themselves just want to be happy.

- aside from that I am totally a one guy kind of girl.

- I will do every single thing is my power to make you happy. I mean that. I promise that. 

Sorry about the wait. Things are coming soon. I have been too busy taking pictures of my cute friends

and making my house a home

and lovin on this cute dude :D

More to come soon, I promise.

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