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Thursday, August 28, 2014

I don't normally put people on blast but this bothered me so much so that I had to say something about it

[Which says a lot because I rarely ever say names associated with the dumb shit these people actually do]

After a long day at work I came home to check my emails and social media sites as I usually would as dinner is cooking, to find that a friend of mines sister reposted a video that I decided to watch...

DISCLAIMER: I couldn't watch the whole thing because I was so disgusted by it, So keep that in mind.

I don't know what I am more upset with the fact that a 20 year old woman posted this and laughed about it, or the fact that the speaker in this video is absolutely repulsive in the way he finds satisfaction calling these girls whores.

The other thing that fucking made me so fucking perturbed was the fact that there where people commenting on about how funny it was.

This is absolutely fucking horrid. Why in the fuck is this funny. Its fucking sad. Its sad on both parts but I'm even more fucking upset that someone would repost this as a joke. Especially a fucking woman.

No one is going to see the good about anything until you do something about it first. Sorry that's just how shit is, and if you want to be fucking role model or anyone with fucking substance then fucking deal with it and be the fucking better person.

If its so fucking funny for a guy to pay someone just to put them down, then you're just as fucking bad as the woman who lower their standards to make money.

Go fuck yourselves


  1. Fuck the patriarchy and the views that influence my generation.

  2. Wow. After reading the conversation last night and reading this blog and watching as much of the video as I could. I think I understand why she found this so god damn funny. Because she's an idiot. A worthless, brain dead, careless, moronic idiot. She obviously has no standards and no self esteem. I'm glad you put her on blast.