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Monday, August 11, 2014

I remember loosely

"The whole concept of success to me, is a little bit warped"

- I saw a guy drive in front of my lane and blocked me and told ME to reverse. I usually don’t stand my ground over petty shit but I was driving all day. I was tired. So I said  “NO” after siting there for a few more seconds the guy FINALLY reversed and went out the right way. I really hope this is a Miami thing and not everyone is a giant fucking asshole. Why can’t people just be nice and do what is right? everyone wants short cut. They don’t want to work hard or try. They think things can just come to them naturally. 

- Sometimes ill be at the grocery, picking out sausage and for no reason what so ever I will start to talk about how amazing the sausage is. Its so thick and going to taste so good. It way fun when you have another friend there. I’ve been someones status update on Facebook before for sure… 

- Sometimes, most times, people have no idea what they are saying, in the way they are saying it, may/can be taken out of context. Something simple, like an explanation can come off as making you sounds like a total asshole. before you speak, think about what you’re saying. You may think leaving a comment on a picture about how someone doesn’t have an ass on Facebook is actually helpful information for that individual when it is in fact not. 

- Be in a relationship where you don’t have to hide anything. 

- Know that you also have to make sacrifices. In anything.

- Porn doesn't make someone a bad person. Sex is a natural. People make themselves bad people. You know what right and wrong is. You choose to make the wrong choice, not porn.

- Tell people how beautiful they are, all the time. No one gets it enough.

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