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Monday, August 25, 2014

I've got so much more

- If you are going to delete your facebook, then fucking do it and never come back. This isn't a fucking relationship you asshole... Its a fucking social media site and you're acting like a fucking baby.

- I believe in the idea of having many lives. With that being said, I've always wondered which life I am in right now and if its the one where I get lucky, or if its the one where I get real unlucky....

- I have a hard time sympathizing with people who have complete control over their own situations but they still choose to fuck shit up. Its so hard guys....

- You know how when your parents cook you food or buy you random groceries cause you live on your own? My parents think butter is a legit necessity. It is almost ALWAYS what my they get me?  

-  I'm not going to lie I think diamonds are beautiful but I can't help but wonder if that's just because of what media has taught me to like.

- Getting married to is a lot of pressure! Especially if all your friends are getting married at the same time you are. I'm not one to "one up" the other but there's so much fucking estrogen around here I feel like I might cabin fever a bitch. 

- Family means a lot. So stop being so distant from each other. 

-  If you have to bitch about your relationship status on facebook then you should delete your facebook cause no one wants to hear that shit. 


Seriously no one....

Also stop with the drunk status updates. You look pathetic and everyone on facebook will not think its cute because no one ever feels sorry for the drunk asshole that posts status updates. 

Halloween is coming guys. 
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