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Monday, August 4, 2014

Locked down

-       If you have children and “Yo baby daddy” left the coop some time ago and moved on to some new “ratchet hoe” facebook doesn’t need to know about it. In fact, No one needs to know about it. 

-       The expression “avoid hangovers, stay drunk” also shouldn’t been in your vocabulary if you have kids. #turndownforthatshitrightthere
-       I can tell by the wear and tear on your face that you’ve seen some shit and we’re the same age. 
-       Take care of your skin dude… it’s the only skin you have… 
-       A great feeling is waking up on a Monday and realizing its your day off
-       I think its easier to buy things during the year and save them as gifts if you’re the type of person that when the time narrows down, you’re extremely limited on what to get people.

-       When I was younger, I was told to give new home owners pineapples for happy comings… I like this. Pie is good too.. just get to know your neighbors.. they’re more willing to look after your shit if you’re nice.
-       Spoil the person you’re with. Spoil them with their favorite food. Spoil their pets. Spoil the fuck out of them because one day they may not be here any more. You can’t get moments back, ever… 

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