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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

airstream restoration part 1

So I've been getting a lot of questions about where I'm living and what I'm living in.

I came to visit Scott in Santa Rosa Beach where he's been working at a camp for Pole Vaulting a couple months ago. I had gotten a hotel that was next to this RV dealership and brand new Airstreams were facing our door.

I love vintage Airstreams. I didn't even know they were still in business, but they are! we saw the 2015 models, isn't that crazy?!

We went to look at them and just fell in love. We started talking about simplifying our lives and yes "wheres ollie going to fit?" 

Really thinking about it the only things I can't be with out are my pets, my computer and my camera (and scott, mostly scott...)

So we had a small budget, and new Airstreams were not in that range. We started talking more about restoring one. Scott had a particular model in mind, and a few weeks after seeing many he stumbled across one in Alabama. This thing was sent from heaven. It was worth well more than they were asking and in real good condition. 

Scott sent me a picture of him driving home with the airstream. We didnt want to wallow in debt anymore. We wanted to own our own something. 

When I moved out here I didn't realize how much hard work it took into breaking this entire thing down and Scott did it all by himself, piece by piece. I watch him working on this thing, and it reminds me so much of my dad and how he is with his BMW 2002's. Some nights I would watch him in his head lamp and draw out measurements and plans. Scott says I should call this week "Hell Week"

So the restoration began. We stared with the damaged floors. Which meant taking the panels down, taking all the insulation out. Measuring precisely. Cutting and praying they fit. It was a good 4 days worth of hard work. I think this job is meant to do over a course of months and we just decided to wipe it out in 4 days.

There is nothing more sexy than a dude determined to fix something. This kid put the floors in and rewired electricity. Sleeping in it feels like a spaceship. When you're with your best friend it is even better. 

I thought about posting after pictures but I'm not yet done with the inside. They will come soon.

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