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Monday, September 15, 2014

all we ever wanted was an answer

- I'm still having a really difficult time empathizing with someone who does the same shit over and over. It's virtually impossible for me to put myself in your shoes, when you've been doing the same masochistic shit over and over. Normal people don't do that shit.

- Stop fucking dating people because they are at a higher social status than you. You don't date people that "look cool" so in return you'll "Look cool too" wtf is that shit?

- People are too fucking scared of being alone. Don't fucking tell me you're not cause you are. You think you're not but you fucking are you moron. If you weren't then you wouldn't be stuck in the fucking position you're in right now.

People who aren't scared, have self respect. If something shitty happens, Whether it's some girl that wont return your calls for 3 days or some guy who wont ask you to be their boyfriend because he has "priorities", you'll fucking dip. No questions asked, with out a trace. WHY? because you fucking like yourself more than that piece of shit. Because being alone is a lot less complicated than that shit. Because who the fuck wants to put up with some crazy bitch that is hot one minute and cold the next. Or some asshole that can't commit for one reason or another.

Don't fucking tell me "I'm totally fine feeling this way" because you're lying to yourself. [Again disrespecting yourself] Everyone, even guys, have this fairy tale wife/boyfriend that they think of and as absurd as it sounds that that's even possible at acquiring, you just have to set that bar up there. Because you're fucking worth that phone call, or you're worth being someone of substance in a relationship.

Because you fucking matter that's why.

-Skimp out on the cheap feminine products ladies. I am that person who used to do that, and sure its fine for now but when you try the expensive tampons or pads, you're like on a whole other comfort level. What I'm trying to say here is, treat yourself.

- Do not let a certain amount of time make or break your decision on something. Just because you've been with someone for 10 years, doesn't mean you should wait around a little longer for the abuse to stop. I mean any abuse. Mental, Physical, whatever. If you think they're going to change, they won't because you allow it to continue on.

- Its like I want to catch up on New Girl but I also don't want to catch up on New Girl.....

- Do other people think "No one will ever get to feel what I feel... It's just too special to be shared"

- Realization: You cried at the end of titanic because some girl who didn't want to marry the guy shes been with, meets some poor kid on a giant boat and in 48 hours they fall in love... then he dies.... you cry because of a 48 hour fling. Is that possible to cry over a 48 hour fling? IRL?No body cried over that shit with Britney Spears.

- People get too fucking involved in shit they JUST read on the Internet. I'm not discrediting their source its just... whats happening to some person in Alabama, that you don't even fucking know, you're just reblogging their video that was reblogged from someone else and because it sounds good or cute or right or wrong... you repost it.

It could be complete bullshit. I saw the comments for a video that was so clearly edited about some weird alien creature running across the frame of a video.. and people LEGIT were commenting about WHY its real. People that have never even met the person that filmed it. Those are the people that are reposting bullshit things on facebook or twitter or any reblogging site.

So stop. Be the first people to post your own damn things.



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