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Monday, September 29, 2014

Another story

- My honeymoon phase still hasn't ended. I'm not complaining, I'm just stating a fact. So that means it doesn't have to end. That someone is giving up at some point and that shit is not cool. Relationships aren't just who's pulling who' its a team effort. If you get comfortable, you're an asshole. 

- I have a lot of people I follow on facebook that were in the same grade as me but we only ever really had one or 2 classes together. Someone said something that caught my eye one day

 She said "I'm sad. People mistake kindness for weakness. I'm constantly walked all over by so many people. Even those who think they are "good friends"...even best friends. If you ever question what kind of friend you are then you probably already answered the question. I never post things like this, but I guess everyone has a breaking point??"

This girl was the nicest girl in high school. Literally, always smiling, never judged anyone.. I don't think I remember ever hearing anything about her not liking someone for some high school related drama. 

I took a moment to tell her how I felt. I told her how nice it was she was so nice to me [The fat girl that sat in the back of class all the time writing in her journal] 

because people deserve to know that they do make a difference. Even if it was just for a moment. 

- Seriously though, this whole not being able to go to the doctor deal because of insurance is bullshit. 
- Everything causes cancer. Just think of that when you are eating something you aren't supposed to. Or doing something you shouldn't be doing like not wearing sunscreen. 

- Real fear is knowing full well that if you lose a specific person, You might as well die too. Literally

- Guys look at pictures, ALL pictures, and ask themselves "How does this make my dick feel?" based on the feels of their dick, determines quality of said photo. This could be a picture of a fence, the method still stands. 

- Ladies still don't wash their hands in the bathroom? What is that shit about? Wash your hands every chance you get because chances are they're filthy!

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