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Monday, September 1, 2014

On my way to an adventure.

- "The best way to get rid of narrow minded thinking is not to attack or blast people who support it, but to educate them. Educate them on why it's wrong, the effect of that system of thought, and appeal to their empathy by having them imagine themselves in the place of others. That thinking shouldn't be tolerated at all, but at the same time no one is perfect, we're all learning, & we need understanding from each other to continue that learning process." 

- "I've been thinking a lot lately about the ways in which I've felt silenced as a woman in my life and it really bothers me. 

It's like whenever a male figure is over the top, in your face, making poor life choices that effect people around them, are verbally abusive, put others down etc. etc., the advise I'm given on how to deal with it go something like: "oh just let him be that way if he's happy like that", "he has a point", "it was just a joke", "He's not fully to blame", "you have to respect him you're in his house", "just ignore him", or my personal favorite, "don't emasculate him"....but when I speak my mind in healthy ways that hurt no one, I'm told that I'm naive, I don't know how the world works, I'm too passionate, I need to take it down a notch or else people will think ill of me

........Why do we continue to protect the bad behavior of men? I see it all the time and I'm so over seeing the women in my life, as well as myself, get put down and told to shut up. Stop catering to the man-children in your lives. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable/sad/small/inadequate/stupid don't ever let anyone tell you to brush it off. We should feel safe enough to confront men without fear of repercussion or ridicule, AND THEY SHOULD HAVE TO ACCEPT THAT THEY DON'T ALWAYS GET TO BE CATERED TO- THAT WE ARE EQUALLY AS VALID."

- Porn stars or porn in general doesn't ruin marriages. Addictive personalities do. Sex is apart of who we are, stop trying to fight it so damn much.

- I don't understand why more people don't carry a pocket knife or taser with them. They're like 10 dollars on amazon and could totally save your life. Also they're super cool. 

- I read this article, and liked it a lot. 

If You haven't read it yet, you should. It talks very clearly about the beginning stages of dating and understanding your grey area. I know a lot of people who have been stuck in this position and I really liked how he put it. 

 - If you think you're doing a good job at parenting then you probably aren't. If you aren't constantly trying to be the better parent, then you aren't doing your job. 

- After the 5th time the same thing happens, I can't take you seriously anymore. You're excuses [Which seem to be the same damn excuses every time] become less believable. I don't know if you know this, but now you do, so just stop cause I'm not the only one that notices it.

- If everyone hates you, then its not me... its you. If you feel like changing then stop whatever it is you're doing already, cause obviously its not working. 

- There is nothing wrong with changing to be a better version of yourself. If you want to be the fun person at the party, that is totally achievable. Stop thinking that because you weren't the coolest person in high school, means you wont be IRL.

- Also... I finally learned the difference between "your" and "you're" literally like... 2 years ago... which is so sad guys... 

- Being in too great a rush to do something can actually result in us wasting time. You have a top-priority task before you? All the more reason to proceed carefully and methodically…

- If the person[s] you are closest with, died tomorrow.. would you be satisfied with the amount of time you had with them? 

- There are some things I try to refrain from saying or doing out of respect for others opinions and beliefs. Its because I understand that not everyone feels the same way I do about certain things. I feel like a lot of people really lack this quality. 

Its called empathy.

Get to know it and use it. 

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  1. And your "too" "to" 's and your "than" "then"' s and your " where" "were"'s.