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Monday, September 22, 2014

Don't rush

- Could you please educate yourself on music. I mean listen to everything. Listen to the shit that isn't JUST on the radio

- How about don't be the asshole that yells at their significant other? I don't care if that's the "dynamic" of your relationship. You don't have to be an asshole just because its apart of your personality. You look like a bitch when you do that anyway and that's not cool.

- A friend of mine recently had a kid, and she said something that really scared the fuck out of me. She said "I now know what it means to live in constant fear". I feel like I already live like that... which means having kids will be the death of me.

- Uh... kids are real talk.

- It's okay to be angry. Everyone is entitled to their bad moments. As long as you realize shortly after that is was a bad moment, and apologize for it. That is a real adult thing to do. It makes me think that you can come back to reality.

- Always apologize. Just because in some way shape or form, you are also at fault. 

- Rate your restaurants people. Seriously, small business strive off of them and if you like a place enough to come back, then they need your help! Even if you only do it for one of the rating sites. BUT if you have a shitty experience then don't do anything. Don't be the bad person that goes out of their way because you're impatient and picky about food. 

- I fucking get it, you're all about women's rights but you're coming off a lot like some right wing religious christian and that shit is not cool.. and I'm a woman. 

- P.S posting shit on your Facebook doesn't actually solve a problem... I don't know if you really think that if something gets 1,000,000 likes then the problem is solved, but it doesn't actually do anything... 

re-blogging something only make you look lazy as fuck. 

I re-blog shit all the time because I'm lazy but for political shit, things that actually matter I NEVER RE-BLOG because I've been that person that instantly re-blogged something that was so fucking untrue and made me look like a fucking dumb ass.. and that sucked fat dick. 

So now, when its something of substance, I will first do research, then find a better article and repost that shit. 

100% of the time what I find out about certain things people repost are so fucking ass backwards... and THAT shit is scary. You guys don't even know half the shit you're posting...

get a job. 

 -  Everyday is defusing a what I like to call "Life bomb".... the wire to choose to cut, will determine what happens next....

Come back wednesday for an update on the Airstream! and some new music. 

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