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Monday, September 8, 2014

Every other freckle

- Stop approaching situations the same way all the time because each time is different

- I cant take Taylor swift seriously. I know what you're doing and, maybe it works on 15 year olds, but it doesn't on me. Just be yourself bro.

- Some people get so wrapped up in being with someone they really like, that they forget who they are and forget that they are their own individual. Don't change for someone because it's what they want. Do it because it's genuinely what you want.

- You don't have to settle for anything. Stop making excuses and do what is right.

- There is no doubt when you meet the one you're supposed to be with. You literally will do anything in your power to be with them because its what NEEDS to happen. Anything other than that, is bullshit so stop fooling yourself.

- If you wear bright colored toenail polish, there's a good chance fish may swarm you. 

- You should do nice things for people you like. This means friends, family, boyfriend, girlfriend. Take them out to their favorite restaurant or send them orgainc chocolates. Maybe pay for a massage or facial. 

We've been drawing up blue prints for the new layout of the Airstram

I put up a bird feeder for Dax to watch. He loved them at the old house. 

It's nice to sleep and hear the rain. There isn't much traffic out in Santa Rosa Beach. It reminds me a lot of Miami Springs but it's much larger. It takes quite a bit longer to get to stores. This morning my first Tree Frog jumped on me and gave me a bit of a scare only because I honestly was expecting a huge bug with multiple legs. I was very relieved to notice it was just a tree frog. 

 Scott took me to this cafe down the street called Grayt Grounds they have great coffee and breakfast items. Theyre a tad bit pricey but about an hour after we showed up two dudes that played the banjo started up their set for the morning and that about sold the place to me.

 This guy bought this house in 1992 and crated the place after monet's home in france. Its Adorable. 

We went to seaside afterwards.. it was such a nice day.

Can we just be married already?


  1. Always a huge fan of your posts and how forward you are with your thought and opinions. The pictures are amazing too. :)

  2. aww laz thanks so much man it means a lot that you comment