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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Baby you should stick around...

I realize I am way late in posting but we had this crazy storm come through and it was impossible for me to do anything.

I wish I did get more pictures because the storm was the best part of my week so far. We just decided to order pizza and watch some scary movies on Netflix. In the morning a cold front came in and I had to pull out the blankets and bundle up. UGH! the best.

- Sometimes people do the right thing and that very same person in the same day can do the most very wrong thing.

- Starting on your own is such a scary thing. Especially for someone who has severe anxiety in new situations.

I worked at this holistic animal clinic once and we sold Bach Flower Remedies for cats and dogs. They are for human consumption too. They have a wide variety of uses and really help with common emotional issues.

This stuff really helps me.

- Add some cinnamon spice to your egg batter when making french toast. Shit is DELISH.

- It should be mandatory to not have to work on rainy days and stay home and watch scary movies.

- People [anyone] will do what they have to, to be happy.

- I never understood people in those relationships that are more self destructing than not. Their motto is something like.... "We fight all the time.. it just works for us" Don't fool yourself into thinking your relationship is the exception to the rule because you don't want to change your terrible personality trait. I've never heard an old couple say "we fought all the time, it worked for us" P.S fighting isn't healthy. Its emotionally draining and causes more harm than good. Actually fighting causes only harm to yourself and anyone around you.

Someone was actually shocked once when I told them that Scott and I have never fought... "You have to.. if you don't somethings not right"

What a load of bullshit that is. I actually thought about it.. how fighting could in any way help a situation.. and it can't guys...

Not even situations that would normally set an argument off... because moments like that arent worth the fucking effort.

If you don't fight... good for you...

If you do find yourself arguing more than not... what the fuck are you doing with yourself?

Get help because that shit is not cool to hang around at all.

In the morning, I'm usually the first one to wake up because I have to pee like it's nobodies business.

Living in the airstream means you can feel anything. My stealthy baby walk doesn't work here. I still manage to not wake scott up, he would probably sleep through a storm anyways, so that really says nothing... 

Hes probably awake just humoring me because when I get back and quietly tell him I love him he  manages to blow me a kiss under his pillow.

Our kitchen isn't quite finished, but I still can make a mean breakfast and cuban coffee which is totally essential for our day.

Last night Scott took me to one of the national parks here where they were doing an outside showing of 'creature from the black lagoon' on a white screen and projector. Totally my vibe.

I will take that over a miami club any day FUR SURE.

Did you know that the creature was also shown on a munster episode as 'uncle gilbert'? 

We then went to get some kick ass food truck BBQ at "Barefoot BBQ" on 30A. They have a line of airstreams that are strictly food trucks. It was so romantic. It was still super chilly out.

Scott doesnt understand how much I appreciate him taking pictures of me sometimes. i'm always behind the camera and never really get to show myself unless its actually me shooting myself which is basicly a selfie. Doesn't count as an actual photograph IMO. 

Anyways... makes me smile.


  1. Emily, first of all I'd like to let you know what a pleasure it is to read and learn about your life. It is very refreshing to learn about other's perspectives and doing so is probably the solution to many of the world's issues. Unfortunately we are human and immersing ourselves into a different point of view is seldom our forte. In the spirit of understanding each other, I want to ask what you mean when you say that fighting in a relationship is bad. The word "fighting" is oftentimes misused for arguing, and arguing is indeed a healthy thing for relationships (when the argument remains respectful). Arguing - if this is what you meant by "fighting" - is a way to express views, set boundaries and expectations of one another. So to counter your point, I believe arguing is in fact very healthy for relationships that intend on remaining intact and happy for years to come.

    1. I meant fighting in the since of a very escalated argument. Yelling... physical altercations... name calling... bashing each other over the internet...

      I actually still think that arguing isn't a great way to "set boundaries" or "express views" you can do that by writing a school paper with out the emotional drain.

      I realize not everyone handles situations the way I do and everyone has their way of handling things.

      I personally don't think fighting or arguing really get you anywhere a simple conversation can't.

      But thats just me.