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Monday, October 6, 2014


- Girls hate girls. We just do. It's nature or something. 

- There needs to be a 48 hour hold period for every decision you ever make. That means you should take a minute before you get all rash, and think about it for a minimum of 2 days. 

- Stop letting your calorie intake control you man! I mean its cool to be strict but not when your actively going to pay for a meal. You invite people out to eat with you, you are officially verbally agreeing that you will eat good food with us. Breaking that agreement is fucked up.

- Yo cars that have dual ac for the cars passenger and driver are fucking dumb. I'm not that selfish that I need my OWN ac controls as a passenger. Who's getting offended so much in Toyota that they are like "No fuck you dude... I want my own ac controls for my side only..." 

- I always regret not getting oreos when I'm at the store, and I still don't buy them. It's fucking torture. 

- How about... when you date someone.. that means you take their feelings into consideration. I'm not sure if you know what "consideration" means but it means you have to bend your own rules for someone elses. If you cant do that, then you're selfish. I'm not saying do everything they tell you to, but with in reason. 

- I was interviewed the other day and the guy interviewing me asks "How do you handle many difficult things at once"

All I could think was "How are people answering these questions?"

Is there any other optional answer thats not "One thing at a time?"

He looked at me, cocked his head and raised his eyebrows and wrote in his little "Im important" notebook. Almost as if I said the wrong thing? 

Am I supposed to handle them all at once guys? HELP I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THIS INTERVIEW!!!! 


- If you think you got the job, you didn't. 

- Saying anything negative about a girls body to her face is just about the same as someone telling you, you have some incurable auto immune disease. Its not fucking cool. Get better social skills cause yours suck. 

- Continuing something that is inevitably going to end is kind of backwards to me. 

- Be very cautious on who you allow yourself to cry on. Crying in front of someone is leveling up man. That's another expression of love that a lot of people are afraid to show.

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