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Thursday, October 30, 2014

little bit

 - Are people still buying ankle socks? Theres no need for them.... if you're that cold, just buy some knee highs man.... 

- I was at the laundry mat the other day over hearing conversations as I usually do because I'm nosey and need to know everything about another stranger... When I over heard a mother and son talking with another man who was also doing his laundry. They're all laughing about some bullshit when her son tries to throw her a sock or something and... to try and make this random dude laugh she says "HA you throw like a girl!"

At first I thought "maybe thats his REAL OLD SISTER, but later conversation confirmed he was her son. She insulted him some more about him being a "sissy" and he walked off.

I felt horrible. Not only that but his mom stood there talking to this RANDOM STRANGE DUDE doing his own damn laundry talking about.... nothing really.

It just pissed me off..

- Have you ever tried to make your dick as hard as you possibly can the second a girl tells you shes cumming? I mean really push it? Probably not because you never think to, but try it next time if you can remember... cause... that shits awesome. 

- You can't cry about being broke and then have a frappichino. I don't care if it was half off or not... 

- I think that your literal "BABY MAMA DRAMA" shouldnt be shared on facebook. You're an adult. You have mouths to feed, and no time to waste on that bullshit. Grow up.

- You know why dating sucks now in 2014? because we have people like this:




- Don't listen when a girl says she doesnt like getting gifts or flowers. I don't know why people still say that shit. It's so fucking ungreatful. If he/she wants to get you flowers, deal with it and be happy about it. Its not cancer. 

Its nice to get things because it means you were thinking about me, enough to buy something or get something for me. And that shit is nice. Even if its a fucking magnet. 

I'm going to spend then next 48 hours watching horror movies. See you in november. 

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