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Monday, October 20, 2014

Oh oh oh its magic.

- After every break up, a girl will dye her hair. Just like a snake sheds its skin.

- Organic fudge mint cookies are going to be the death of me and ultimately what sends me to hell for gluttony. 

- I feel like the 'taste of fear' really only applies for when you buy sushi or taco bell. You know there's a SUPER high chance you could get food poisoning but its so fucking Delicious. I feel like even as I'm consuming either one of these guys... I'm thinking "Yeah probably going to want to die later" BUT FUCK IT RIGHT?! HAHAHAHAHA

- but fuck it.

buttfuck it.

- Don't wear a fucking green bay packer VISOR to a fucking pool party dude. Just don't. You're not cool. You're not interesting. You're a fucking tool and I CAN FUCKING TELL.

- I'm always thinking I'm going to be that guy that's the annoying, stupid, obnoxious, loud, crude one that has no fashion sense because that's what I think about everyone else. So that must mean I hate myself.

- The more and more I talk to people about their relationships and really dig into it with them, the more they realize they shouldeve saw it coming from the very beginning. 

- Haters gon hate. Exactly that. Someone..  somewhere is going to HATE something you do or the way you look and 99% of the time its just because they're jealous. Let them say they're not. They are.

- Not everyone needs to know about "your beef" on facebook man. I don't even know who the hell you're talking about. If I don't know who you're talking about, I can't relate therefor your status is irrelevant and that shit is annoying. 

PLUS you're a fucking adult, can you please act like it? 

I could really relate to this. I struggled always with whether or not to ever take having "a pretty face" as a compliment or somewhat of an insult. I chose to take it as a compliment the best way I could. Even talking about it right now makes me feel somewhat ungrateful but maybe no one really actually knows how those words might hurt someone else. I had to repost this. 

- People will buy mickey ears at Disney... and never wear them again. This doesn't make any sense to me. It's kind of like how people spend thousands of dollars on wedding dresses. 

- Do you remember ever laying on the floor as a kid and thinking "I am too fucking tired to walk to my bed" 

That floor was SO comfortable that not even your own bed would suffice. 

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