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Sunday, October 12, 2014

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On my last trip to Miami I met up with a few friends. There seemed to be a trend going around. People getting into situations that they hadn't expected in their relationship. 

I realized a lot of people don't even know if they're in an abusive relationship or not. Just simply because their significant other isn't psychically abusing them. I have had more emotionally abusive relationships than I can count. They ranged from someone flat out telling me I NEED to go to the gym to simply asking me "do you really need to eat that?"

The argument could have been "they were just looking out for me" but theres a real thin line for that. 

A lot of people brush over the facts about their own relationship because they don't want to face it. They get complacent, and just accept that things are going to be this way. Someone told me "No one is going to respect you, unless you respect yourself first." 

If you are in a relationship that has more confusion than none, you are not respecting you or your relationship. If you want a strong relationship, you MUST respect yourself first.

You have to. You do not want to be in a terrible situation years down the road. 

You mean something, you mean all the seconds you are given in your life, which are supposed to be spent being happy. 

It takes one step in the right direction to where you need to be. No one is telling you to leap single bounds. You are only human, but you mean the world.

I was a real broken person. That is what emotionally abusive relationships do to you. They break you to the point where you no longer know how to even start putting the pieces back together.

But I used that to my advantage, and got to be anyone I wanted to be. If I wanted to be strong, then I was strong. If I wanted to be nice and soft, then I would allow it on my terms. 

I got lucky shortly after. Real lucky.

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