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Sunday, October 12, 2014

When it rings, will you answer?

I took a mini trip down to Miami for a few shoots I booked. I got to visit a few of my friends and then rush back up here to help with the pole vaulting festival we have coming up in a week.

I have great news. Ive been dying to show you guys. We re-branded my photography. Its been about a 3 year process and its finally finished. I will be posting all of my photography on this site.

 You can look for yourself at Ohhshoot.com

I will be keeping this blog as a more personal blog. Things have been moving in the right direction here. I can't keep my hands off of Scott as usual.

Here are somethings I'm loving:

This "Aquafarm" Sold HERE. I need one guys. I need a fish for Dax.

This really awesome wallet covered in vintage wood pallets.

 These cute pineapple leggings

This Tye-Dye watermelon shirt. Will do. 

I have also decided to do a "Photo a day" challenge. Trying to spruce up my photoshop game. What are some things you're loving? 

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