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Monday, November 3, 2014


You're failing to see the bigger picture in everything.

I'm here to tell you what it is...

You're going to die one day. The person you love the most is going to die one day. You may, or may not be there to see it.

But what is worse?

Dieing before you get to finish your dreams? Or staying alive to watch the people you love most leave?

That is the fucking big picture.

Everything else is irrelevant.

The guy that is treating you like shit.
The girl that wont return your calls.
The job you didn't get.
The one you like doesn't like you back.
You had a flat tire.

Fucking irrelevant.

- Enjoy your moments the most you can. I used to hate when someone said "Live today like its your last" because I can't go and fly to Australia and do the things I want to do right this fucking second. Be realistic. If you really want pizza... Have the damn pizza. If you really want to watch that new show tonight, fucking do it. Hold hands when you aren't. Do things because you can do them because its getting the most out of your moment.

- If you're in your 20's I expect you to write like a fucking adult the best that you can. I mean you can write out "when" instead of "wen" no one is going to think any different of you and I know that you're smarter than that because we went to the same fucking school.

- Yeah I don't think you can use pinterest like Facebook and just post all of your photos.

- If you don't want a piece of me, than I don't want one of you. I don't want to pretend to be the bigger person anymore and try and mend the bridges you burned. I was important and you failed to see that. You don't get a second chance. 

- You should really check yourself before you wreck yourself. If someone tells you you're acting like a dick, don't try and brush it off or act like there's no way thats true. 

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