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Monday, December 15, 2014

I'm different

- You don't have to piss on my leg to show me you're the alpha male dude. Trust me I don't want your post.

- You could be the most juicy, delicious looking, ripest peach.. there's still going to be someone that hates peaches.

- I think the time to say "I'm getting too old for this shit" is when you are literally shitting your pants and for what ever reason cannot stop it. Not having control over your own bowels is another advanced adult level I hope to see very few days of

 [Pictures from the meteor shower on Saturday]

-  You know how some people hate the sound of nails on a chalk board? Well people who complain over and over about the same thing are like nails on a chalk board for me.

- No one is forcing you to read this.

- The term 'Ex' is such a weird word for me. I hate ever using it. I even sometimes refer to some of them as 'acquaintances' they aren't worth the effort in having to explain [If someones that interested to begin with] So I try to avoid all conversations if they're heading in that direction. Which is weird because I'm always the one to ask about someones history.

- Which is also important. It's always really good to learn about people so I guess I'm totally contradicting myself..

- I also think its weird that when you're constantly in some type of bad environment, moving on to a better one is still just as weird because your body is so used to the shitty environment, that even the better one doesn't feel so great either. Even though it's totally normal and good for you.

- Do you grow up and get out of a phase? I've seen people stay in the same phase [good or bad] for as long as I've known them.

- Hiding who you are is not cool man.

- The greatest thing you could ever do for yourself is BE yourself. Your personality is enough man. Be the person that is now considered a diamond and don't stop being that person because it's "too nice" Don't be afraid and don't let people tell you how you should be

Unless you're  a murderer or some kind of terrible person... then you should definitely change.

- We are the future. The people we are today are a reflection of our future. You better brace yourself.

- Every couples argument in the car is who is going too fast or too slow on the road.

- People who don't like Christmas are weird to me. It's like saying you don't like cats or dogs....

Its a dead give away that you're a glitch in the matrix....

- A lot of people have NO idea about the facial expressions they are making when in regular conversation. 


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