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Monday, July 11, 2016

- Its always funny when people talk about how great their mediocre pictures are till you start to point out all the shit in the background that no one seemed to notice? or how the chemistry in the picture looks like a couple might be getting a divorce rather than be celebrating their first night together as husband and wife? Thats why you pay for a photographer. Great photography isnt cheap. Just like cheap photography isnt great. 

lol I don't always quote Kanye but when I do...

- Its not a cool thing to try and steal someones significant other. I guess that was a thing back in high school but if you are over 30 and still trying to fuck up other peoples relationships, you have some mental problems.

- BTW directly insulting someone to gain the upper hand in a conversation, especially when it has nothing to do with the context, is super childish.

- Woman shaming other woman is so damn frustrating to me. Like I'm a grown ass adult and its okay to not like someone, but to bash your own kind because you personally feel threatened or insecure is so dumb.

- I mean maybe you don't know but people know when you lie. I know you think its a good one, but its not... I can see right through it and if I can see right through it someone else probably can too.

- Yeah I love food and I take A LOT of pictures of my husband.... I didn't know that was a crime.

- You know what else bothers me? When someone tries to be super righteous in the word of God but does the exact opposite IRL.. like

- You know insulting me [or anyone for that matter] is only going to make YOU seem way more ugly.

- Trusting someone 100% is the most freeing/comfortable feeling. Not having it is like jumping off a cliff with out any thing to catch you. Super dangerous.

"for whatever it’s worth, the context is that Mr. Burns was mocking Homer for having to give up his dream job at a bowling alley so he could go back to the power plant to afford taking care of a third child, so Mr. Burns put a plaque in Homers office that said “don’t forget, you’re here forever” and so Homer put pictures of Maggie over it"

- I regret throwing away all my letters I wrote in high school to friends. I should've kept them. Don't throw out your memories no matter how insignificant you feel they are, its always amazing to have something to refer back to.

- When someone has actual evidence that your lying then just stop pretending. 

- If you are creating your own grudge based on the false ideas you're giving yourself. Thats super weird and probably not the best idea so.. move on... 

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